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Our company supplies its products to NAK Neftegaz of Ukraine, OJSC Ukrneft', OJSC Arselormittal Kryvoi Rog, GP Chernomorneftegaz, CJSC Donetskstal' is a  metallurgical factory, CJSC ISD and so on.
1.         Heat exchangers:
    tube housing heat exchangers with fixed tube sheets,  with the compensator at housing, the types: M1, M2, M3, M4, M8, M9, M10, M11, M12, M25, B2, B3, B6, B9, B10;
    housing heat exchanginers with floating heads and U-tubes;
    heat exchangers type "pipe in a pipe" oneflow and multiflow acc.ATK 24.202.06-90, ATK 24.202.07-90;
    evaporators with steam space;
    siphone evaporators;
    vacuum  condensers;
2.  Equipment for HES and TES:
    condensate coolers;
    drainage coolers;
    heaters of low (high) pressure of type PND (PVD);
    heaters of network water of type PSV;
    atmosphere deaeratories type DA.
3.         Capacity equipment:
    capacity equipment of horizontal and vertical execution, up to
100 3, pressure 63 kgf/m2;
    capacity equipment with mixing devices by pressure to 25 gf/cm2;
    vertical vessels with elliptic heads with and without jacket;
    vertical vessels with elliptic upper head and conic bottom with and without jacket
    vertical vessels with flat bottoms (or with flat bottom and upper conic head)
    air receiver of capacity up to 25 m3, by pressure up to 40 gf/m2;
    vacuum receivers;
    vessels after the catalogue of Niikhimmash Sevrodonetsk Vessels;
 4.        Air-coollers of type A, 1, 2, 2, A, A, 1, 2, A-M, 1-, A-160, M, M, AM, , and also sections to them, fen wheels of type of "Tornado" and blades to them.
5.         Reservoirs of under/overground, one and doublewalls by volume of 1 to 75m3.
6.         Lock Feeders:
    5 with adjustable efficiency of a product;
    7 with nonadjustable (fixed) efficiency of a product;
    with adjustable efficiency of a product;
    screw conveyer type after requirement.
7.         Heaters of the  heatsupplying system of types of , , , .
8.         Lens compensators carbon, stst, molybdenum;
9.         Air Heaters for heating or cooling made of carbon or stainless steel with a bimetallic pipe and alluminium refining (supporting pipe 25)
10.      Aluminium finned pipes. Spiral oneway refinning, inside diameter 19...60 mm. length 500...12000 mm. Bimetallic ribbed pipes of various materials:
brass+luminium; copper+aluminium; steel+aluminium; ribbed copper and aluminium pipe -
11.      Cooling  heat exchangers  for Freon refrigerators type , , 1, , 1, , K, K, K, K, 1K ;
12.  Capacity equipment for refrigerators of type , , , , , , , , , .
13.   Other articles.
14.      Technological equipment for different branches of industry:
    dust separators;
    oil-wet separators;
Production of nonstandard equipment could be after individual requirements and technical projects of the Consumers. Equipment engineering under working pressure to 6,4 Ma.