LTD  "NVO Khimmashneftegaz"
is providing financial support of a hockey team "Politechnic"
 and they are taking care of a monastery of St. Sisters Family,
in Ivano-Frankivsk region

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LTD "NVO Khimmashneftegaz" is a progressing rapidly company, absorbed in itself front-rank  industrial experience of foreign and domestic enterprises. The range of clients of the products  by LTD «NVO Khimmashneftegaz», is rather wide and includes such branches, as an engineering, gaz- and oil refining industries, coke and chemical industry, thermal and nuclear power, metallurgical, ship engineering, building, medicine, foodstuff industry and public servicies.

The equipment, made by LTD «NVO Khimmashneftegaz», is normally used in a building trade and restoring  projects of gas and refining industries,  as well as coke,  chemical and metallurgical industries. Up-to-date methods of quality control are involeved:
          X-ray photography-control;
          Control on intercrystalline corrosion (н/ст);
          Ultrasonic diagnostics (BRIDLES);
          Coloured fault detection;
          Specialied and certified laboratory is able to produce chemical equipment of high quality.

The workshops are equipped with boilwelding  and mechanical treatment equipment, which allows to make:
          knife cutting of plate up to 20 mm thickness;
          thermal cutting of plate up to 160 mm thickness;
          rolling of shells, diam. 3400mm and wall thickness of 30 mm:
          automatic  submerged-arc welding and semi-automatic welding in an atmosphere of shielding gas.

Inside of shells of diam.400mm to 3400 mm with subsequent quality control of weldings by nondestructive RP and X-ray methods.
          elliptic heads production.
            Normally carbon steel, low and high alloy steel (nickel and molybdenum steel) are applied in manufacturing of the products.
The company has been certified by the Center of standards and norms of Ukraine for the following production:
          the vessels and units working under the pressure;
          certified technology of welding;
          for  carring nondestructive testing.

The warranty period is 18 months from the moment the equipment been produced or 12 months from the maintainence period.
The manufacturing could produced, following the  normal standards  so as by the reqirement of the Customer.  We believe the level of our company is consistent with a high criteria, of the firms of the given branch of industry, mainly  heat exchanging production, production of the vessels and others.
 The strategy of LTD  «NVO Khimmashneftegaz» is to be the leader on the market of hi-tech products, to improve the service quality for satisfying any of our clients requirements.   
In the case of the your  interest we are keen to offer you the articles fully correspond standard  norms  of Ukrainian, Russian and World market.

Our equipment has been certified by the State system of certification of UKRSEPRO, Ecological, technological and nuclear federal inspection of Russian Federation, Ministry of extreme situations of Byelorussia (Promatomnadzor): Nonhazardous holding works inspection department of industry and nuclear power.

We have a certificate of confirmity and license of Russia (Gosgortekhnadzora) and Promatomnadzora of Ministry of extreme situations of Byelorussia.